Inspired by Masanobu Fukuoka

Jane Maggs Founder, Wild & Fruitful (Cumbria, England)

After graduating from Oxford University, Jane Maggs travelled to Asia and Australia to deepen her knowledge of landscape design which embraces the inherent workings of plants and nature. She returned to the UK in 1988 to continue her research, and went on to establish Wild & Fruitful, in 1999. A specialist producer of preserves and relishes, it pursues a mission of local production for local consumption. The brand has gained a reputation for its wide range of both traditional and contemporary original products, and has featured in newspapers and other media outlets. Maggs is currently chair of Food Carlisle, a part of the Sustainable Food Cities Network, secretary of Cumbria Organic Gardeners and Farmers, and a judge at the World Marmalade Festival held in Dalemain.

Hirotake Ooka, CEO SARL La Grande Colline
La Grande Colline Japon Co., Ltd

Born in Tokyo in 1974, Ooka earned his BTSA diploma (Agricultural Technician Certificate in Viticulture) in Bordeaux, and went on to become chief of vineyard management at Guigal (Hermitage region) and at Domaine Thierry Allemand. In 2002, he founded La Grande Colline. Ooka was strongly influenced by the farming philosophy of Masanobu Fukuoka, and strived to produce additive-free, natural wine using organic methods. At the time, few recognized the quality of his pioneering wines. But after featuring in the New York Times International Edition and other media, he became known as the Japanese pioneer of private wineries and his wines are now served at top restaurants around the globe. On returning to Japan in 2016, he established La Grande Colline Japon and the Okayama Wine Garden (incorporated foundation). Ooka continues to offer his winemaking consulting services in France and Japan, while promoting natural wines and teaching viticulture and winemaking to future generations.

Translation: Minori no kotoba (Words on ripening), La Grande Colline Japon, 2017
Book (in Japan): Ooka Hirotake No Wine Zukuri Shizen Ha Wine to Fudo to Nogyo to (Hirotake Ooka wine production: Natural wine, climate, and agriculture), X-Knowledge, September 2021

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