Envisioning a Future with 2%

Through our agricultural work, Masanobu Fukuoka Natural Farm aims to contribute to the creation of a vibrant world where smiles abound.

We believe there is more to this world than what meets the eyes and would like to promote kindness and generosity even in places that are less visible.

To be alive is to support one another.
To share what we have is to connect with one another.

The things before our eyes that we can accomplish.
The things that our hearts desire.

We aim to connect these dots with a line by bringing together everyone involved.

To this end, we will be contributing 2% of our total revenue from the sales of items on our website towards solving various problems confronting society, including "forest conservation, education, and welfare."

We support ethical consumption and the benefits that it will offer mankind.
This is our "vision of the future" that we would like to contribute to.