Agriculture Training and Experience

It is extremely important to come face to face with agriculture and nature through various experiences.
How about joining primary sectors that are troubled about the lack of successors
And a dispirited Japan
To the energy of tomorrow with agriculture as the lubricant?

If you want to work at Fukuoka Masanobu Natural Farm
If you want to be independent as a farmer in the future.
Someone who wants to face various agricultural experiences.

We are welcomed you to join us here.

We believe that it is very important to face farming and Nature.
Primary industry suffering from lack of successor in Japan
A world without energy
Will not you lead to tomorrow's vitality with lubricant called agriculture?

contents for training and experience

A series of work of agricultural products according to the season
(Management of fields/ harvest/Screening/Boxing/Other works)

period for training and experience

From two week ※Request for consultation


3 meals with bedding
Holidays around 4 to 6 days a month
The trainee will be living with other trainees like Japanese, European and Asian so on.
Do not care about gender
No salary for training and experience


There are so much works to do for farmers, therefore it will only accept to contact with us by e-mail.
And also please note, during the busy season, specially cultivation period, we may take a little bit of time to reply you. I appreciate your understanding.

important notice
There are a lot of inquiries from those who wish to have training in our farm from not only domestic, but also abroad and we are very glad as the farmer.
However there are many cases that we can not meet your request from depending on our system and the timing of your voice.
We appreciate your better understanding of that point.

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