Our 5 goals


Goal 1. Eliminate waste – Mottainai

The Japanese term “Mottainai” originally meant “to be grateful” or “to cherish”.

We find the ways of Nature are uplifting, we are thankful for our environment and we believe that, as a famous Zen master said, “Everyday is a good day”.

“Mottainai” in the modern sense “regret for wastefulness” is essential to us.
In terms of food waste, common sense is often sacrificed to regulations or lack of morals.

In keeping with this philosophy, our products are shipped with expiration dates of at least 1 month to avoid waste.

Goal 2. Take action with our limited resources

Plastic waste is now a huge problem worldwide.
The importance of appearances and cost efficiency are the cause of serious environmental pollution. This is a man-made disaster.

Eliminating waste and reusing our limited resources is our farm's policy.
We support all initiatives to reduce plastic waste as much as possible.

Today's world is borrowing from the future.
We aim to create a sustainable and earth-friendly society with a smaller environmental footprint.

Goal 3. Collaborate with welfare services

The story behind our products reflects our values.
We think it reveals the truth far better than just superficial appearances.
We also hope to convey the passion of the people who make our products.

We work with welfare services, together, we have adopted a manufacturing system that allows them to participate, more or less, depending on product characteristics.
With the belief that working closely together will become more and more essential in the future.

We support NOFUKU (Agriculture and Welfare) for encouraging the employment of disabled people in the farming sector and hope they will succeed in interconnecting not only small communities but the whole world.

Goal 4. Take time and care in all aspects of production

On our farm, our agricultural products are grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides, maximising their natural vitality.
One of the principles of Natural Farming is “to observe and then only do what is strictly necessary”.
If the plants don't need it, we don't do it.

We incorporate this same concept in our production.
So we use no food additives.
In processing, we pay special attention to all ingredients, using simple, natural combinations.
Unlike products focusing on sugar content or appearance, we provide quality ingredients and tastes that vary from season to season.

Goal 5. Strive for genuine joy

We hope the world will be filled with peace.
We want equity, dignity and tolerance now and in the future.

We believe that caring for children who are vulnerable in our society is particularly important as they are the key to the future.

To support them, we donate some of our products to children's facilities.
Though small our donations will hopefully make a difference.
Our actions are a reflection of our beliefs.

We will continue our efforts – gently knocking on the doors of children's hearts to open them to a brighter future.

Donations to the home for children: “Tenri Yotokuin”

We had donated flowers before, so this time we decided to donate our “Amanatsu Ginger Cordial” to Tenri Yotokuin.
We want the children to be happy during the coming cold season and the end of the year.
Yotokuin was pleased and we hope to work more closely with them in the future.

* Tenri Yotokuin
Tenri Yotokuin is a child care centre as specified in Article 41 of the Child Welfare Act. We raise children (between 2 and 18 years old) on behalf of their parents who are unable to do so for what ever reason. We offer a safe, secure and reliable environment for the children, and help them to become independent. We also provide support after leaving.
(Quoted from tenriyoutokuin.com/)

Donations to “Kodomo-Shokudo” in Nara through the Nara Kodomo-Shokudo Network

Thanks to the Nara Kodomo-Shokudo Network, we donated “Amanatsu Vinegar” and “Amanatsu Cordial” to Kodomo-Shokudo (about 50 organizations) in Nara Prefecture. We made this donation because we believe that mutual support is essential to our community.
What a wonderful day it was working with their volunteers.

What is “Kodomo-Shokudo”?

Kodomo-Shokudo, literally “The Children's Cafeteria”, is an initiative to create a special place for children in small communities.
The network has broadened these days to provide free or low-priced meals for children and as an opportunity for local people to help raise them. People can gradually open up to create relationships between children and children, children and adults, adults and adults, across generations and regardless of their roles, which leads to real community development.
We support various creative activities always keeping in mind that “Children are at the centre of all”.

Kodomo-Shokudo is where children can enjoy a warm meal and feel cherished by people in their local communities.
(Quoted from Nara Kodomo-Shokudo Network brochure)