Dalemain World Marmalade Award And Festival 2019

About us.

Masanobu Fukuoka’s work, The One-Straw Revolution, made an impact on the world.
His philosophy through the lens of farming stirred the hearts of countless people.
Many youths who valued spirit above material came from all around the world to visit this land,
and to this day, they still keep coming.

At the vast citrus fields of Iyo, Ehime,third generation Hiroki Fukuoka
earnestly preserves these inherited convictions while interacting with nature day after day.

At Masanobu Fukuoka Natural Farm, we dedicate ourselves to agriculture day after day, as farmers. We value and cherish the plants and animals, as well as the interaction with their environment. Elementary as it may be, we believe this attitude is of vital importance.

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    Envisioning a Future with 2%

    Through our agricultural work, Masanobu Fukuoka Natural Farm aims to contribute to the creation of a vibrant world where smiles abound.