Masanobu Fukuoka

Author of The One-Straw Revolution, The Natural Way of Farming, and Sowing Seeds in the Desert, and the 1988 winner of the Ramon Magsaysay Award.

Masanobu’s farming philosophy resonates around the world and is a torch that shines a light 1000 years into the future. His approach is beyond description and continues to reverberate, even in this era of constant change.

The Farm

At Masanobu Fukuoka Natural Farm, we are devoted to farming on a daily basis. We value engaging with the plants and animals, and the surrounding environment they inhabit. This may seem simple, but we believe it is of the utmost importance.

Our Thoughts

Masanobu's grandchild Hiroki Fukuoka

Hiroki's wife Akiko Fukuoka

Masanobu's eldest son Masato Fukuoka

Masato's wife Rieko Fukuoka

Masanobu's youngest daughter Misora Ogura

We carry earnest thoughts and desires in our hearts throughout our daily lives. As farmers, we are responsible for a life-sustaining industry. As evangelists of natural farming, we have stories to tell.


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