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SNS Ambassador campaign

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Terms and conditions
*If you plan to participate, please read and comply with the following notes.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation so that we can keep good manners and have a nice time.

• The capacity is 20 participants in both the morning and the afternoon program. Please refrain from participating on the day if you have not applied in advance.
• Please use public transportation as much as possible, as parking space is limited. If you are coming by car, please let us know when you apply. In that case, we would appreciate it if you carpool.
• Please refrain from picking or taking out plants and fruits. In addition, please bring your own trash with you.
• Please refrain from acts that may cause inconvenience for other participants or nearby residents. Trees surround the venue, so refrain from smoking, as it may lead to fire.
• We cannot take any responsibility for theft, shoplifting, buying and selling goods, accidents, injuries, losses, etc. Please resolve these at individual discretion.
• This event will be held in order for participants to gain an understanding of the operation and philosophy of the garden, which inherits the intention of the late Masanobu Fukuoka. Please refrain from participating in business or commercial purposes.
・ The personal information provided will not be used for any other purpose than
distribution direct mail of various information such as introduction of our products and services. In addition, you could stop the distribution of information by unsubscribe or your request.
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