Working with the power of nature
Working with the order in nature

At Masanobu Fukuoka Natural Farm, we value our relationship with plants and animals, together with the environment in which they live. In our lives as farmers, we work with agriculture each day. Though these are very basic things, we consider them to be meaningful.

We prepare our hearts and minds for working with the fields
We feel the scent of the changing seasons
We sense the timing for our approach
We keep a respectful distance from plants and animals

Our age is one that has natural environments of tremendous variety.
Most certainly, it is an age where it is somewhat difficult to look at agriculture with the concept of a single farming method.
What this means, however, is that we are in an age that requires an especially strong resonance with the breath of nature.
On this website, we present one part of our work at Masanobu Fukuoka Natural Farm.
This is not the kind of “special thing” that the public generally expects.
But for us, this is actually everything. We think of it as an irreplaceable dialog with nature.

If nature is left to nature,
it will restore itself naturally

However, this is not noninterference

These words, which Masanobu Fukuoka wrote in The One-Straw Revolution, are still very much alive as guideposts in our hearts.

A lush path, deep in the mountains
is a way to the inner self.

Walking along this path each day, we are reminded of nature pulsating quietly and the great responsibility that we have toward others, of the dignified feeling that arises, once again, in our hearts.

Trees envelop us gently.

Trees that that have not been burdened by pruning grow with great vigour, up toward the heavens.

Climbing up their branches, we arrive at an expanse of citrus fruit, wide as an ocean.
It is then that we harvest our citrus fruits with the utmost care.

Coexistence with nature means
a collaboration with those who understand
things well.

We believe that “there is nothing to be removed from nature.” This also includes insects.

We do not kill insects using chemical pesticides.

This is because insects also offer our garden unfaltering support with their good understanding of things.

Born from a dialogue with trees.

We value the balance and harmony of the natural world in a way that cannot be expressed through the arithmetic of addition and subtraction.

An example of this is the weeding we do under the scorching sun without using any chemical pesticides.

Sweat dripping from our bodies speaks of the toil involved, but this is truly noble work.

Visual appeal is not everything.

Our fruit is fresh and juicy although it has some areas where the skin is black.
This is proof of our pesticide-free practices.

We ship our citrus fruit just as it is.
We do not treat it with wax in a way that emphasises its visual appeal.
We feel that this is something very natural.

Irregularity is natural.

We live in a world where produce is categorized and shipping according to differences in size and sugar content. Produce that does not meet shipping standards is termed “non-standard” and is often rejected and discarded.

It is very painful for us as farmers to know that there is produce that ends up nowhere. It is for this reason that we ship a mix of large and small items, providing there are no extreme variations in size.